Significant Economic Impacts of Offshore Wind Energy on Åland

New Report from Ramboll – Quantifying Offshore Wind Energy Ramboll Finland’s regional economic impact assessment of Ilmatar’s offshore wind energy projects on Åland is now complete. The report showcases substantial impacts at both regional and national levels. “The implications are significant, irrespective of the approach. The most compelling aspect of the report is how the […]

Ilmatar supports youth work on board the sail training schooner Helena

For the next two years, Ilmatar is collaborating with the Sail Training Association Finland (STAF) as a primary sponsor of their work on board the schooner Helena. STAF focuses on supporting marginalised young people while increasing interest in shipping as a future profession. “Young people can get a sense of belonging and support and at […]

Ilmatar Offshore and Ramboll Finland expand cooperation in new offshore wind area

Ilmatar Offshore has been granted a survey permit for the new 1.9 GW offshore wind project area Vågskär in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Ramboll Finland is contracted for the environmental impact assessment, and studies are underway. Ilmatar Offshore has identified a new 367 km2 offshore wind area in the Finnish exclusive economic zone. […]

Ilmatar launches two new offshore project areas – Bothnia & Bothnia West in Finland’s EEZ

The Finnish Government has granted survey permits for Ilmatar Offshore’s two new project areas, Bothnia and Bothnia West, in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).  “This is a massive area that creates great potential for developing energy-intensive industries in neighboring areas,” says Anna Häger, Regional Manager at Ilmatar Offshore.  Ilmatar Offshore has identified two new […]

Åland welcomes offshore wind

Over 60% of the people on Åland believe that offshore wind is good for Åland, and 17% think that Åland should invest more in wind energy. These are the results of a recently published study carried out by ÅSUB, the statistics center of Åland and commissioned by the infrastructure department of the Government of Åland. […]

Anna Häger from Ilmatar Offshore in top company at the Europe Forum in Turku

In August, Ilmatar Offshore’s Regional Manager Anna Häger will speak at the Europa Forum in Turku, attended among others by Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto. In the introductory panel discussion arranged by Åbo Akademi, Anna Häger focuses on the theme of offshore wind. Ilmatar Offshore’s Regional manager Anna Häger […]

Ilmatar collaborates with “Stormskärs Maja”

– Stormskär is also going to be the name of one of the planned wind parks in the Sea of Åland. Next October, one of the largest film productions ever carried out in Finland – Stormskärs Maja – will start on Åland. Ilmatar is one of the main sponsors. – The film production of Stormskärs […]

Jori Sihvonen project manager for offshore in the EEZ area

With a background in EU policy, renewable energy and bioenergy, Jori Sihvonen is now taking on Ilmatar’s offshore project in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). “I look forward to working in a company where I can make a real difference, he says.   The latest addition to the Ilmatar Offshore team is Jori Sihvonen, […]

Offshore wind can increase biodiversity in the long term

Like any other sea-related activity, constructing offshore wind impacts the environment and wildlife in many ways. However, in the long run, wind turbine foundations can actually become teeming marine life habitats, oases in a wide open sea that help increase biodiversity.  It has probably escaped no one that we are in the middle of a […]