Significant Economic Impacts of Offshore Wind Energy on Åland

New Report from Ramboll – Quantifying Offshore Wind Energy Ramboll Finland’s regional economic impact assessment of Ilmatar’s offshore wind energy projects on Åland is now complete. The report showcases substantial impacts at both regional and national levels. “The implications are significant, irrespective of the approach. The most compelling aspect of the report is how the […]

Energy storage with compressed air – a future opportunity at offshore wind farms

In an energy system based on renewable and sustainable sources, different energy storage models become crucial for a stable supply to consumers. One possible solution is Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage (I-CAES), which could act as a buffer for fluctuating production. This is what Ilmatar’s 2023 summer intern, Linnea Karsten, has researched and summarised as […]

Presence and future of wind power technology

How tall can a wind turbine be? Is bigger always better? How is wind power technology advancing so quickly? And what does it mean that wind power is considered a mature market? Antti Lehtinen, Head of Turbine Technology at Ilmatar, knows what’s going on in wind power right now and where we’re heading.   Can […]

Offshore wind can increase biodiversity in the long term

Like any other sea-related activity, constructing offshore wind impacts the environment and wildlife in many ways. However, in the long run, wind turbine foundations can actually become teeming marine life habitats, oases in a wide open sea that help increase biodiversity.  It has probably escaped no one that we are in the middle of a […]